Resurrect an old smartphone Part 2

As a follow-up to my previous post, I did the same for a Pocophone F1. I already unlocked it years ago. Unlocking is really annoying here, because it needs Windows 7+, a sim-card and 3 days of waiting.

The Pocophone F1 was already on Android 9 (LineageOS 16) and I want to install Android 13 (LineageOS 20). The first thing a found out: bootloader and recovery have different keys to press. To get into the bootloader (to install the recovery) you have to press Volume-DOWN and Power. To get into the recovery you have to press Volume-UP and Power. And the second thing, I need of course a newer firmware.

So the newer firmware first. To install it the correct twrp is needed:

fastboot flash recovery twrp-3.7.0_9-0-beryllium.img

Boot into the twrp recovery, go to "advanced" / "ADB Sideload" and sideload the current firmware:

adb sideload

Then reboot into the bootloader.

Second step: install the current LineageOS recovery for the Pocophone F1.:

fastboot flash recovery lineage-20.0-20230218-recovery-beryllium.img

Disclaimer: The next step will erase everything on your phone!

Then Factory reset: Format data/factory. And install the new Android via "Apply Update" / "ADB sideload":

adb sideload

Finally install the matching GoogleApps which is the one for Android 13 arm64:

adb sideload

Now reboot and enjoy Android 13 (LineageOS 20) on a Pocophone F1.