Around the Bodensee by bike

With a small group I cycled from Konstanz to Konstanz via Bodman, Überlingen, Friedrichshafen, Lindau, Bregenz (AT), Rohrschach (CH) and Kreuzlingen (CH). We started on a Wednesday an 11:30 in Konstanz after arriving by train, stayed the first night on the Camping site Camping Birnau-Maurach near Uhldingen-Mühlhofen and the second night in Lindau at Park-Camping Lindau am See. The first camping site was quite fine, but the second was significantly better. :) The trip was 196 km in 12.5h riding time. We stopped in a few cities and visited city centers and harbors.


  • from Konstanz to Konstanz in 2.5 days is absolutely possible. But next time we would use the bicycle fairy from Dingelsdorf to Überlingen and avoid the hills between Dingelsdorf and Bodman.

  • use sunblocker even if it's rainy and cloudy the whole time!

  • take as less luggage with you as possible

  • don't use an IC with your bike if you can't lift it with the luggage on it. :)

  • you need a bike-ticket additional to the Baden-Württemberg-Ticket of Deutsche Bahn near the Bodensee

  • to our surprise it was no problem to get electricity at every camping site

  • border control to Switzerland is only a sign nowadays


No sun, but clouds:



Next time the other way around. :)