Geolocation and IPv6

A few weeks ago I added an IPv6 tunnel to my router at home. Now I had my first problem with a site using IPv6: The Google play store.

With IPv6 I was located in the US and I could only add a delivery address in the US. I found no option to change my location to another country.

Google is using IPv6 for a lot of services. Someone has to start using IPv6 and we all expect from Google to be first on new technologies. The problem is not the usage of IPv6 itself. The Google play store uses geolocation to locate the customer and there is no (obvious) option to change the location.

MaxMind is the only service I found for locating an IPv6 address and they locate me in the US (of course because of my tunnelbroker HE).

The solution for me was to use a computer at work to buy me a Nexus device. My employer is testing IPv6 but for now we only have IPv4. And we will get a IPv6 address clearly located in Germany.

A lot of services out there use geolocation to locate their visitors. Especially services restricted to specific countries. The obvious candidates Hulu and Netflix don't use IPv6 yet. I am curious to see their solution on this problem.

So please, if your service is only using geolocation for convenience please add an option to choose the country.

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