Homeassistant: Monitor other systems

I wanted to monitor different computers with my Homeassistant installation. First a PC that runs at a different place that I use for GPU training and compute. This PC runs Archlinux. The other system(s) I want to monitor are Raspberry PIs. Here especially disk usage and memory overflow.

There is a package for glances in Archlinux and in Raspberry PI OS:

# archlinux
sudo pacman -S glances python-bottle python-dateutil
## gpu support
sudo yay -S python-py3nvml

# Raspberry PI OS / Debian
sudo apt install glances python3-bottle python3-dateutil

The Debian package installs a lot of packages I actually don't need, but on the other hand I don't want to build my own package or install into a virtualenv.

The second step for installation is to prepare a systemd service. For both Archlinux and Debian/Raspberry PI OS we need to edit the systemd file, because the default there is -s but we need -w. On Debian we also need to remove the -B to access the service from another system.


# disable existing one (only needed for Debian/Raspberry PI OS)
sudo systemctl stop glances
sudo systemctl disable glances
# copy the template
sudo cp /lib/systemd/system/glances.service /etc/systemd/system/glances-homeassistant.service
# change "glances -s" to "glances -w" and remove the "-B" if needed
sudo vim /etc/systemd/system/glances-homeassistant.service
# reload changed file
sudo systemctl daemon-reload
# start service
sudo systemctl start glances-homeassistant
# also start after reboot
sudo systemctl enable glances-homeassistant

Finally we setup the Sensor in Homeassistant using the Glances integration. Setup with correct IP address, without any Username/Password, keep Port 61208, set version to 3 and no SSL. Adding a username/password seems to be not that hard, but I use this in my VPN and actually don't think this information is in need for more security.

Example using the Glances Card:


And a very idle PC displayed in Homeassistant using the Entities Card: