Add more RaspberryPI Sensors to Homeassistant

Currently I have 7 RaspberryPIs deployed. Most of them have have a BME280 sensor and some have additionally different sensors. For my future self I want to have instructions on how to reinstall everything. The first step was the Packer-Ansible setup described in the previous blogpost to get a ready to use base system with wifi, vpn and some base settings. This is the next step by starting a git repo with sensors that I use to push to Homeassistant.

For example the most common sensor I use: the BME280. To use this on a PI the sensor needs to be connected to the I2C pins and I2C needs to be activated on the RaspberryPI (i.e. by using raspi-config). The Python package I use is RPi.bme280 and the code to push looks like this:


import requests
import smbus2
import bme280

from pathlib import Path

def push(data, secret):
    r =
            "temperature": round(data["temperature"], 1),
            "pressure": int(data["pressure"]),
            "humidity": int(data["humidity"]),
    assert r.status_code == 200

# copy webhook secret into file .secret
secret = (Path(__file__).parent / ".secret").open().read().strip()

address = 0x76
bus = smbus2.SMBus(1)
bme280.load_calibration_params(bus, address)
sensor = bme280.sample(bus, address)

    "temperature": sensor.temperature,
    "pressure": sensor.pressure,
    "humidity": sensor.humidity,
}, secret)

The secret in the file .secret is the webhook_id used in homeassistant. There is no additional security to knowing this webhook_id.

The homeassistant config looks like this:

  - trigger:
      - platform: webhook
        webhook_id: !secret zero6-bme
          - POST
        local_only: false
    unique_id: "zero6"
      - name: "zero6 Temperature"
        state: "{{ trigger.json.temperature }}"
        unit_of_measurement: "°C"
        device_class: temperature
        unique_id: "zero6_temperature"
      - name: "zero6 Humidity"
        state: "{{ trigger.json.humidity }}"
        unit_of_measurement: "%"
        device_class: humidity
        unique_id: "zero6_humidity"
      - name: "zero6 Pressure"
        state: "{{ trigger.json.pressure }}"
        unit_of_measurement: "hPa"
        device_class: atmospheric_pressure
        unique_id: "zero6_pressure"

The other sensors added to the Repository are: SCD30, BME680, BH1750, BMP180 and ADS1015. Every sensor has a script and a readme howto install the packages needed. Everything is documented in

Screenshot of some of the sensors in my homeassistant dashboard: