Install ArchLinux on Hetzner Cloud

This is my protocol of an Archlinux installation on a CX11 in the Hetzner Cloud.

First Step: Create a new Server

  • create with any OS.

  • activate rescue mode (linux64)

Second Step: Install Archlinux

  • ssh as root to server (now in rescue mode)

  • run installimage and choose ArchLinux

  • I only changed the HOSTNAME in the install.conf

  • reboot

Third Step: post-install

  • ssh as root to server (now with ArchLinux)

  • add more locales in /etc/locale.gen and run locale-gen

  • set root password with passwd

  • install some packages (i.e. cronie sudo tinc git …) using pacman -S

  • enable cronie: systemctl enable cronie

  • visudo and enable wheel group

  • add user: useradd -m -G wheel -s /bin/bash myusername

  • set password for user: passwd myusername

  • setup tinc (sth for another blogpost)