Yesterday I ported my last consumer of over to use Homeassistant as datasource. As far as I know nobody is using this service anymore and so today is about time to stop hosting it and write a bit about it.

The project started at the end of 2015 by importing all streets and districts of Stuttgart into a Django database. We imported the Gelber Sack dates from a form on the website of the company that collected them at that time. Years later they stopped providing the form and we parsed the text copied from their PDF. The Code of the Django version is archived on Github:

Updating Django and PostgreSQL for a readonly service felt wrong, so I wrote a version using Datasette at the end of 2020. This version was initially hosted on Google Cloud Run but had so much Crawler traffic that I needed to move it to an already existing Hetzner VPS. The Datasette Version of is now archived on Github too:

Today (end of 2023) it is time to cancel the domain and stop running the datasette. There are a few alternatives for Stuttgart now. I started to use the ical stream and extract the data from there. There is even an all-solved-solution with support for a lot of other cities and regions in HACS: