Travel costs this year

From November 2021 until end of November 2022 I had a BahnCard25 with a big discount (30€ less). At the beginning of 2022 I wrote about calculating if the card is worth it. In the summer (from June till end of August) Germany had the 9€ ticket, so I had no use for the BahnCard in that time. But the result is that I still saved 12.10€ by having the BahnCard25.

For 2023 I decided to not renew the BahnCard25. I would not have saved enough to justify the full price and Germany will probably get the successor of the 9€-Ticket: the 49€-Ticket (starting in April 2023). But I still want to know if it would have been worth it to have a BahnCard25. So I will track using virtual postings the same way as in 2022: add how much money I would have saved in the months before April 2023 and when using faster travel (IC, ICE).

As preparation for the 49€-Ticket I wanted to know: How much money did I spend per month on public transport and regional trains.
For this the hledger command for my data looks like this:

hledger balance ^Expenses:Train ^Expenses:ÖPNV --monthly -b 2022-01-01

                              ||    Jan  Feb    Mar     Apr     May     Jun  Jul    Aug     Sep     Oct     Nov
 Expenses:Train:Deutsche Bahn || €42.60    0      0       0  €55.30   €7.55    0      0  €21.35       0   €7.85
 Expenses:ÖPNV:VVS            || €10.89    0  €9.74  €33.49  €20.17  €19.60    0  €9.00  €22.38  €18.09  €29.99
                              || €53.49    0  €9.74  €33.49  €75.47  €27.15    0  €9.00  €43.73  €18.09  €37.84

In June I paid the 9€ for June and July; and in August the 9€ for August. But in all three months I used public transport and regional trains a lot more than in previous years. I didn't track how much money I saved in that time because it was very obvious that the 9€/month is worth it.
From looking at the table it seems like I would only have paid more than 49€ in two months. But like last summer, I'll probably use public transport and especially regional trains a lot more than without the flat-rate ticket. This time I plan to track the money I would have saved.