Arduino first steps

I want to know, why I didn't tried the Arduino before? Arduino is such a simple way into building something useful with a microcontroller.

First I wanted to use my new Arduino Uno only using console and Emacs. I used this stuff to get started:

The first program I tried was really simple (blinking LED on pin 9):

Using this Makefile (the Makefile.master is in the folder above):

# Your Arduino environment.
ARD_REV = 22
ARD_HOME = /opt/arduino-0022
AVR_HOME = /usr/bin
ARD_BIN = /usr/bin
AVRDUDE = /usr/bin/avrdude
AVRDUDE_CONF = /etc/avrdude.conf

# Board settings.
BOARD = uno
PORT = /dev/ttyACM0
PROGRAMMER = arduino

# Where to find header files and libraries.
INC_DIRS = ./inc
LIB_DIRS = $(addprefix $(ARD_HOME)/libraries/, $(LIBS))

include ../Makefile.master

After this only connect the arduino via USB and add one LED with an resistor to pin 13 and GND. Compiling and flashing using: make upload.

Amazingly simple!