Dante spring conference 2011

My personal notes from Dante spring conference in Bremen.

  • improved makeindex: Xindy
  • texdoc <FONT> helps including new fonts. i.e. texdoc bera
  • one complete font (with maths) is kpfonts
  • \showfont shows font used at the moment
  • use blindtext to get "lorem ipsum". But "Blindtext" is not Latin.
  • mathastext sets all text in formulars as text. To get variables in italic add [italic] at package loading time.
  • good Font catalogue: www.tug.dk/FontCatalogue.
  • try biblatex; don't use bibtex anymore.
  • with the option --wolfgang the capacity of bibtex8 will be increased to very huge
  • universal document converter: pandoc
  • new list typ for TeX: coollist; for strings coolstr and cool for maths
  • chronology to set time scales
  • with cntdwn a counter and a clock can be embeded in PDFs (using only with pdflatex or Acroreader)