Banking API

For another project (the shackbureau) we needed to convert banking numbers from the old German system to the European system. At first we used the webpage of a German bank but after their relaunch the form was removed.

After some searching we found the data from the German federal bank as an XLS file. But XLS is a bad api to use from another site. The solution is the banking-api:

Some usage examples:

  1. Search for a banking number (old German system):

  2. Search for a banking number based on the new system:

  3. Search for all banks in Berlin:

  4. Search for all banks with zipcode 10117:

  5. Generate the iban based on old German account data:

    For example:

    curl --request POST --url --header 'Content-Type: application/json' --data '{"country": "DE", "blz": "64090100", "account_number": "1234567"}'



The sourcecode of the API is on github: