Particles sensor of opendata-stuttgart


  1. drill two holes for the sensor and 2 to 4 for the nodemcu

plastic tube image
  1. assemble ppd42ns with cable fixer to tube

  2. the same for nodemcu.

  3. Connect pins of PPD42NS to nodemcu

  • PPD42NS Pin 1 (grey or green) => GND

  • PPD42NS Pin 2 (green or white)) => Pin D5 / GPIO14

  • PPD42NS Pin 3 (black or yellow) => Vin

  • PPD42NS Pin 4 (white or black) => Pin D6 / GPIO12

  • PPD42NS Pin 5 (red) => unused

  1. final version

final tube image


German version:

  1. Download Arduino software (tested is version 1.6.5):

  2. Add esp8266 boards to Arduino software:

  3. We have more than one working version of the firmware. For example

  4. Change wifi settings if no Freifunk is available.

  5. Upload software to nodemcu

Register sensor on API

  1. Watch serial console to see chipid

  2. Send chipid to one of the admins of For example me.

  3. Describe in the email the location you apply the sensor to. Should be outdoor!