Emacs Literate Config

A few months ago I declared Emacs bankruptcy (again) and started a new Emacs config setup. This time using org files to document/structure the config. I adapted the version from Jeroen Faijdherbe which was a very good starting point.

Of course I started the new setup by using Emacs 29 using the ArchLinux aur for emacs29-git. Yesterday Emacs 29.1 was released, so I switched to the official emacs package in ArchLinux (actually emacs-wayland).

Why use Emacs 29+ only? Especially the use-package syntax to install and update packages is so much better than everything before. Another feature I started to use a lot is eglot. Installing this for older Emacs versions was of course possible but with Emacs 29 it's included.

My very opinionated setup of Emacs: https://github.com/mfa/emacs-config.