Download your data from Oura

The OuraRing is a sleep and activity tracker in the form factor of a ring.
I have a black one since end of 2020 and I am very happy with the insights about my sleep.

At the end of October 2021 Oura announced a new OuraRing (Gen3) - but this time with a subscription requirement.
The old rings have no monthly fee (all Gen1+Gen2 rings won't require a subscription in the future).
Every old customer gets a free lifetime subscription, but is forced to buy a new Gen3 ring until 2021-11-09.
I don't want to be forced into replacing a perfectly working device. So no thanks!

I cannot trust Oura anymore after this move so I decided it is time to write a downloader for the past days I used my Oura ring.
My plan is to use the ring until it breaks and than search for an alternative. But no OuraRing for sure.

Thanks to python-ouraring the downloader was easy to bootstrap.
My code downloads the daily data for sleep, activity, readiness and ideal bedtime.
This data is written into a sqlite database for future analysis.

The repo with the downloader:
The only thing needed is a personal access token from Oura.