Raspberry PI Heatsinks

In the last days I added heatsinks to a Raspberry PI Zero 2W and to a Raspberry PI 4.

The Raspbery PI Zero 2 is running 24/7 doing some compute in a room where it should not have a fan. So I added a cheap Heatsink (C296) and looked at the temperature measurements in Homeassistant for this PI.



Temperature Graph:


On the left side is the temperature without heatsink. Then I added the heatsink and ran some compute intense code on the PI. The following baseline is better than without heatsink.

The other Raspberry PI that got a new heatsink is a PI 4. I only used this PI for short experiments, because the fan is way too loud.

The setup before:


Setup with heatsink (P122):


For the next PI4 (or PI5) I would probably choose a P165 heatsink, because the bottom part is not very useful and adding a shield (i.e. for an ssd: X862) below sounds like a nice option.